Who's the Enthusiastic Artist?

Saskatoon SK Canada
Certified Zentangle Teacher, Seminar 3

Ever since I was a little girl I thought of myself as an artist. I was never really interested in being anything else.

I gaze at things, trying to figure out how they work, visually. Once, when I was chatting with a friend, he stopped mid-sentence and asked, “What is it?” I was staring intently, fascinated by how the checked pattern on his shirt changed direction when it passed through a fold.

Colors, patterns, visual textures and designs thrill me. I love how a line can change from chubby to hairline and back again. Prairie sunsets, fireworks, and night skies full of stars leave me speechless. I like small things and details and am fascinated by how the very large and the very small are very similar. I love translucence and colored glass and light on water and sparkly things.

The word 'enthusiasm' has Latin and Greek roots and means 'posssessed by a god' or 'filled with spirit'. That's what making art does to me: fills me with spirit.

I lived in Quebec for several years and am reasonably fluent in French. My husband and I recently spent two years in China teaching English. I'm nowhere near passable in Chinese! Bruce and I have been married for over 30 years and we're the parents of three truly wonderful girls.

Sakura (who makes the Micron pens used in Zentangle) has an article I wrote about Zentangle on the company website. They wrote: "Margaret Bremner, a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) living in Saskatoon, beautifully and succinctly describes Zentangle in "The Art of Zentangle" published by WHOLifE magazine." You can download the one-page article here. The link is in the second paragraph.

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I've posted some of my artwork on the blog. Here's where you'll some.

Zentangle-inspired artwork (ZIA):
(Alpha no more) - needs a new title!
Be Me, Being Us (a.k.a. ten tangled houses)

Acrylic paintings: