Thursday, October 28, 2010

Artist Trading Cards full speed ahead!

I've been interested in Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) for quite some time but hadn't had an occasion to get involved. Enter patsy monk, a Zentangle teacher in Florida. She proposed an ATC swap among the Certified Zentangle Teachers for anyone who was interested. I was!

Artist Trading Cards measure 2.5x3.5 inches, and are for trading only - no selling or buying allowed - and they must be original art.

Zentangle is done in black-and-white but for these cards - just as a challenge - we were to involve color somehow. I asked if I could send 10 cards instead of the requested five, and get more in return... and she agreed! I don't have a photo of the cards I sent (stupid), but here is a picture of some of my ATCs:

A few days ago I received an envelope full of delightful trades:

Next, I went to a local gallery one Sunday afternoon when I understood there was to be an ATC swap. As it turned out, it was an activity for children, but heck... I traded for some pretty cool cards by kids. One has a tiny mouse, one has a blue dinosaur, one is done by a 21-month-old girl, one is a night cityscape.

Then I heard about the Richmond Art Gallery's annual ATC show and swap. I sent them these nine cards in a plastic loose-leaf sheet:

The exhibition runs from 26 November 2010 until 22 January 2011. A few months from now I'll be receiving another batch of cards from artists I've probably never met. I've just discovered that there are trading websites. Of course, isn't there a website for anything you can think of?

Artist Trading Cards, full speed ahead!


  1. Wow!!!These are GREAT!!!I bet that was fun trading with the kids!! What a good activity for them to be involved with!

  2. Great use of color in these! Oh, the possibilities!