Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stencil as String

One day I decided to cut a paper stencil and use it as the string for a zentangle-inspired mandala. After tracing the stencil onto the paper I planned to draw on, I crumpled it and threw it in the trash.  A few days later it occured to me that it might be interesting to have a record of that part of the project (I'm a bit slow). I retrieved it from the trash and attempted to flatten it. It had to sit under a pile of papers for several days before it was photoworthy.

Here's the paper stencil I cut:

Then I got out my pens and went at it. At first I wasn't happy that it looked divided in four - rather than the eight I had expected - but now I quite like it. It's different. And now that I look at the stencil again I realize that it IS more of a 'four' division (did I mention I'm a bit slow?).

For some reason it looks sort of Italian to me, so I called it "Italia".  Here it is:

ITALIA - pen and ink on archival paper; 23 cm (9") square.
Copyright 2010 Margaret Bremner.
This was quite fun, and a different approach to the string. I plan to use paper stencils again and see what happens then.


  1. Oh yes, this is indeed beautiful.The paper stencils is a great idea. Have you tried Freezer Paer for making stencils- it makes good ones. A bit stiffer than ordinary tracing paper.
    I was also thinking you could sponge the crumpled paper with diluted black ink, or coloured inks(or dyes).Then dry, and doodle over the top.

  2. Margaret, this is stunning. I can tell you had fun. m

  3. I'm always on the lookout for new ideas for strings. This is fantastic!

  4. what a cool idea and your ITALIA is beautiful! Just another tool/technique to put in my already overflowing BOX! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Interesting ideas Judy. I'll keep them in mind!
    It was fun, Maria, especially dealing with the positive and negative space and which could be which.
    Geneviève, let me know if you try it.
    I know Robbie. I don't understand all those articles for artists seeking inspiration. I have WAY more ideas than I have time to try!

  6. Lovely - now to find time to try it out

  7. It is gorgeous, and I can see how Italianate it is. Props to you!!

  8. This is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the idea.