Monday, December 20, 2010

C & R project: The finished art

Wedding gift for Chloƫ and Robin, 2010 January 8.
Ta-da! Here are the finished letters, complete with four tiny gems each. They're done on (buff, I think) Stonehenge paper, which is lovely to work on. I used black, sepia, and rust colored inks, mainly Sakura Micron pens but a Pitt pen for the sepia. To shade, I used Prismacolor's Verithin pencils in three colors, plus a white 'chalk' pencil. The brown sections are a little more orangey than shown here.

Some of the tangles spread beyond the border I had set, which I was hoping would happen, although I didn't expect to go right off the page!

I plan to attach them to darker toned, fabric-covered matboard with some small hematite beads in each corner (thanks to Maria for that idea!) which will keep the glass away from the artwork.

I'm rather pleased with myself!


  1. what a gift! they will treasure these forever. A beautiful remembrance for a beautiful day. Congratulations to Chloe and Robin, too!!! I love weddings. Maria

  2. Margaret, these are absolutely stunning! What a beautiful gift!

  3. After staring at these for awhile, I am beyond words. Such an incredibly beautiful gift. You are extremely talented!

  4. Beyond lovely, Margaret. Chloe and Robin are so lucky!! As always, I am inspired by your beautiful work.

  5. Beautiful job. I love the subtle use of colour. Well done!

  6. You should be please with yourself these are beautiful! I can't wait to have the funds to afford to attent Rick and Maria's Workshop. I love the projects they have you do and the materials they have you use.
    These are so beautiful! What size are each piece?

  7. Thanks everyone! They were great fun to work on and I'd like to try some other larger projects.

    Cookie, these weren't done at a Zentangle seminar, but yes, they do come up with some terrific things for people to do. Each piece is 14x10 inches (approx. 34x24.5 cms.). I'm quite sure you'll enjoy the workshop when you get a chance to go.