Thursday, December 2, 2010

Take Time to Laugh

For an artsy chuckle, wander around the blog That is Priceless - Art's Greatest Masterpieces Made Slightly Funnier. Steve Melcher, who operates the blog, is a two-time Emmy-winning comedy writer. He finds old world paintings and gives them updated and humorous titles.

This lovely little oil on panel by an anonymous artist from the
Flemish School has been re-titled
Liberace’s First Day of Kindergarten

Here is an oil on canvas by the British artist John William Godward that demonstrates the Effect of Alcohol on Model's Willingness to Pose Nude.

This 1424 fresco by the Italian painter Masaccio depicts St. Peter Alerting Lunch Companion that He's Forgotten His Pants



  1. OMG...tooooooo funny! made my day!

  2. Thanks for a good belly laugh (that unfortunately worked it's way into a coughing fit) but nonetheless.....a fun start to an otherwise gray day! Maria

  3. At the very least, the last guy forgot his wrap-around robe!