Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where I've Lived

Linda Farmer recently issued a challenge to tangle your name, although not the way you might think. I tried it and you can read about that in a previous post.  It got me thinking and I decided to tangle where I've lived, using the same idea. My next thought was that I've lived in cities and on streets. I would just have to do a tile for each.

These are the cities I've lived in, and the tangles I did to represent them:
Toronto ON - Tipple
Saskatoon SK - Shattuck
Rimouski QC - Rain
Montreal QC - Meer
Hull QC - Hollibaugh
Chesterville ON - Chartz
Osgoode, which was amalgamated into Ottawa ON- Opus
(Saskatoon again)
Hohhot (China) - Hurakán
Huai'an (China) - Hibred
(Saskatoon again)

And here's the tile:

These are the streets I've lived on (I needed 13 sections!), and the tangles I did to represent them:

(unknown in Toronto; I was 0-4 months old!) - blank section
University Drive - Umble
Simpson Crescent - Strircles
rue Principale - Parabola (by Jo Newsham)
(forgotten, in Rimouski)  - blank section
avenue des Pins - Paradox
rue Radisson - Raddox
Joseph Street - Jonqal
Taylor Way - Tidings
Quill Crescent - Quabog
(unknown in Hohhot)  - blank section
(unknown in Huai'an)  - blank section
Avenue V - Vermal 

And here's the tile:

Some post-tangle thoughts...
I really like Hollibaugh with those curved, ribbony bands. Must do that more.
I've never used Vermal before. It was quite fun and, to me, has a child-like look.
I like Parabola but I always start it too small. Better luck next time.
I find Quabog difficult. I like it... but difficult. I see it in others' tiles so nicely done!


  1. Super idea, super tiles and super tangling!

  2. What a lovely way to look at your past! It probably brought back some wonderful memories as well as giving you a tangible and beautiful keepsake of an aspect of your life. It's kind of like establishing some roots, when life has caused you to move so many times. (I can totally relate to that)

  3. I really like what you did with Hollibaugh. You have given it a totally different dimentionality. Nice.

  4. Great idea, Margaret. What a good walk down memory lane. I may have to try this one. I could do all of the cities, but not the streets. Love both of your tiles! I also love the ribbony bands of Hollibaugh-very pretty!

  5. Wonderful idea and gorgeous tiles.

  6. I love your your tangles flow into each other. Beautiful.