Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ST. JOHN'S CROSS (a Florz tangelation)

I was all set to call this tangle ST. JOHN'S CROSS or DOUBLE FLORZ and to ask you which name you prefer. It was partly inspired by the Florz tangle but with double lines. When it's on a 45 degree angle the St. John's Cross aspect shows up.

Then along comes the word tangleation which Rick and Maria define this way:
"tan-gle-a-tion  (tan-gəl-shən)  noun 
1. A noticeable variation of an existing tangle."
Read more about tangleations in the Zentangle newsletter here.

So, in fact, this is perhaps really a tangleation, not a whole new tangle. So much for my cool names for it, but it IS a cool tangleation!

UPDATE on May 16, 2011:
Based on encouragement from readers of this blog, I've decided to call this St. John's Cross and to consider it a new tangle.


  1. Well, whatever you call it, it's a nice pattern.

  2. A tangle by any other name, lol! I think this does need a unique name though. It is different enough, that I might want this tangle versus Florz, and if I wanted to look it up, a different name would be needed. If you wanted to emphasize the tangleation aspect, calling it Double Florz would do that.

    I need to do some more research on Pattern Design, because tangleation is a tangle of worms. If I understand it correctly, (and I'm self-taught, so I probably don't) there are 9 pattern networks, and nearly any pattern with repeating elements falls into one of the nine. The difference comes from the motifs--the complexity of the details. If that's correct, then I belieive that almost all tangles are actually tangleations. Especially the grid-based ones. Wah!

  3. I really think this is sufficiently different to qualify as a new tangle, not only a tangleation. Per the Zentangle credo, the name should be somewhat ambiguous, to allow the user to project their own needs upon it and not get tied to a specific expectation of the pattern. It also resembles the butt-end of a wine rack or leaded bubble-glass; perhaps "Rax" or "Glubble"? It's really good!

  4. This tangle is very attractive, it kind of reminds me of a quilt pattern called Shoo-fly. It looks quilty to me.

  5. Love your design.
    But you all lost me somewhere with terms like "tangleations", the issues about copyright, giving your tangle patterns a name etc.
    I understand what you write (I'm Dutch..), but not the total complexity of it. Maybe because I haven't attended the CZT classes?

  6. It does have a quiltiness to it doesn't it, Joni?

    Claudia, my post 'Ixorus' has a link to the Zentangle newsletter where the new term 'tangleation' is described. Hope that helps a bit! The names make identification a lot easier. We can simply say Florz instead of 'the one with grid lines and little black squares on angles at the intersections'. :-)

  7. This tangle invited me immediately to try it. And I love it as much as I´m loving FLORZ.
    To be honest: I´d give it a name of its own. The pattern reminds me of a basket chair… Perhaps this could be a hint of the name???

  8. Thanks for this new tangle, I think its a pattern that will fit in many ZT's

  9. Finally added this to my little tangle book. I'm looking forward to using it. :D