Sunday, March 6, 2011

Two pencil strings, wide apart

In an earlier post I mentioned placing an eraser between two pencils in order to have a more widespread double string. One of the first I did this way is the last tile shown here. Below are three recent tiles using this string-making method.

Gneiss, Hibred, Hollibaugh, Tipple, Pearlz sort of

Crescent Moon, Ixorus, Rain, Pearlz sort of

Beadlines, Hibred, Paradox, Striping, Pearlz sort of
(I really like those white circles in a black band!)


Thanks to everyone who's sent contributions to my metaphor file. I wonder if someone who loves metaphors is a metaphorphile?

I've been reading a lot of wonderful thoughts - some metaphors, some not - so many that my brain goes fuzzy and I can't be sure anymore! I enlisted the assistance of my eldest daughter who works as an editor, and my husband who is a writer, poet, editor and translator. My daughter sent me this definition of a metaphor from Abrams Glossary of Literary Terms: 

"A comparison or analogy stated in such a way as to imply that one object is another one, figuratively speaking. When we speak of "the ladder of success," we imply that being successful is much like climbing a ladder to a higher and better position. Another example comes from an old television ad from the 1980s urging teenagers not to try drugs. The camera would focus on a close-up of a pair of eggs and a voice would state, "This is your brain." In the next sequence, the eggs would be cracked and thrown onto a hot skillet, where the eggs would bubble, burn, and seethe. The voice would state, "This is your brain on drugs." The point of the comparison is fairly clear."

There are still two weeks left! in the Contest.


  1. Love, Love and Love the new tiles you posted! Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful work, especially the first one. Two pencil strings are my favorite way to work. I like your eraser idea and will try it sometimes.

  3. Great drawings, kiddo! Glad your metaphor contest is proceeding well, too.

  4. You are full of such wonderful artistic ideas Margaret! I really like the fold over in the 1st one.

  5. I LOVE your blog! I linked it to mine! Can't wait to try the double pencil strings tonight!