Wednesday, March 23, 2011

YABBUT tangle instructions

The other day I came up with a new tangle. It went through a few phases before I arrived at this one that I like. A while ago some family members were having a conversation and one said, "...yeah, but..."  I thought, "Yabbut? Yabbut! That would be a great tangle name." I wrote it down, waiting for the right time.

Here's how to do Yabbut. In step 5, note that the small black squares co-ordinate with the black triangular areas already created; they make the third point of the triangle.

There's a tile that uses Yabbut in my 'Walking the Line' post here. Here's another example:

Tangles: Dex, Drupe, Hibred, Knightsbridge, Up and Across, Yabbut


  1. Very nice! And a snappy title - it reminds of the old Abbot and Costello movies.
    I'll be looking forward to trying this one.

  2. Hi Margaret
    I've just become a follower !
    Thankyou for all the inspiration !!
    great blog!! I've just completed my very first tangle and i'm totally hooked .....!!
    chris richards

  3. Yabbut fits beautifully, Drupe looks fab!
    Word verification..doxeco

  4. Oh, I like it! And love the little whiskers that pop-out from intersections around the margin of your string (on your demo tile)!

  5. Super tangle. Bet Gennvieve will love it too.

  6. I love this tangle, and the name really suits it! I tried it with a mix of diamonds and circles - really fun. Thanks.

  7. Beautiful tangle - thx for sharing it with us! I had an amazing Biology teacher in high school that would tease us... "Yabbut?! Is that like a rabbit?" And you NEVER said "I don't know," to a question, or he'd promptly pull up a chair and begin mercilessly grilling you! Good times =^)

  8. My (now deceased) Dad had a brain tumor removed, when he was in 70s. It caused a lot of damage to his brain, including his ability to speak. He knew what he wanted to say, but the words just wouldn't come out. (He couldn't write anymore, either.) He would become so frustrated, and - literally - all he could say was: "Yeah, but..." Over and over. When I see that phrase, as in the title for your zentangle (on Pinterest) I like to think he's thinking about me. Once, as I was driving somewhere and in a bit of an anxious frame of mind for some reason, a sports car passed me and the license plate said - "YEAH BUT". It made me smile. He loved sports cars, but never indulged in anything so frivolous. Hopefully he acquired one in the next chapter of his life. Thank you.

    1. Sorry to be so long replying to your comment. Life has been rather intense lately and I'm not as on top of things as I would like. 🙄
      My mother-in-law was similar; the words just refused to go from her brain to her mouth. She would read signs as we were out for a drive, I think letting herself and us know that she was still cognizant.