Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DUST BUNNY - a new tangle!

After Amaze and perhaps Knightsbridge I think this is the simplest tangle I know. Only two steps! However, the shading outside the spiral is essential. You don't need to shade absolutely everywhere along the line; most of the area will give the desired effect.

Dust bunny? For those who may use different expressions, a dust bunny is one of those balls of fluff that seems to appear from nowhere under furniture.  This tangle also resembles a rabbit's tail! Here are two tiles using Dust Bunny:

Tangles: Caviar, Dust Bunny, Flux, Marasu, Purslane (or Flux variation), spiral and dots

Tangles: Dust Bunny, Emingle, Flukes, Miranda, Munchin, Rick's Paradox, Seljuk

Forget the house cleaning. Tangle some Dust Bunnies instead! :-)


  1. Ssshh! I think there is a collection of Dust Bunnies under my it!

  2. Wonderful! One of the nice things about dust bunnies is that you do not need to feed or walk them. They pretty much take care of themselves.

  3. Beautiful
    True genius lies in simplicity.
    In Germany we call them "wool mice" - same species - take care of themselves,too....

  4. Love this, Margaret. What a wonderful variation on a simple spiral design.

  5. I was looking at your list of tangles and this was the first I looked at... who could resist the impulse to check out a tangle named 'Dust Bunny'. I love how you tied it into its neighboring tangle on the second tile.

  6. So simple but makes a statement. Thank you