Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just for a change

When I come across an interesting piece of paper I tend to keep it. For something in the future. Sometime. Tidying up the studio the other day I came across a lovely small piece of paper with gold and silver flecks. I cut it down to a 9 cm. square and tangled it.

Tangles: Assunta, Black Pearls, Casella, Chebucto,
Flux, Miranda, Paradox, Phuds, Tripo

There are other interesting papers in my drawers, some with designs printed on them. (I have one - and only one - major scrapbook project I began a few years ago and must get back to. Sometime in the future.)  I located some of that paper and had a go.
Tangles: Bales, Cadex, Coaster, Kuginuki, Paradox,
Prestwood, Spinners, Tripoli, Zapateado
Tangles: Finery, Knase, Knightsbridge,
Krli-q, Phuds, Striping, Zapateado

Then I pulled out a pale sheet of hand-marbled paper. I love marbled paper. I didn't draw a pencil string, rather let the lines of the marbling show me where to begin or end a tangle. Some bits spread beyond the border.
Tangles: Braze, Caviar, Crescent Moon, Flux, Gewgle,
Hollibaugh, Jonqal, Lotus Pods, Miranda, Paradox, Phuds, Tipple

For the next one I used sepia ink on what is sometimes called 'straw paper'. It's a paper with bits of dried grassy stuff in it and is rather pretty. However, it's also rather flimsy and the grassy stuff was occasionally bumpy.
Tangles: Bateek, Black Pearls, Crescent Moon,
Jonqal, Paradox, Prestwood, Tipple


  1. Margaret, these are wonderful. I'm sure it was a lot of fun creating them. My favorite is the one with the "bubble" paper, the background design just flows into the zentangle.

  2. Margaret, All of them are beautiful, as always, but I really love the 3rd and 4th. I love it when certain tangles just really compliment each other as they do in the 3rd tile...wonderful! I really like what you did in the 4th tile with Braze and the circles going out of the tile area on to the paper..which is also fantastic.

  3. these are impressive..... not too shabby.
    what fun to go drawer shopping. m

  4. What an inspiration you are !! Each of these has its own wonder. I cant wait to try out some of your ideas. Thanks so much.

  5. Yup! I agree with all the other comments. All of them are lovely. The marble paper again captures my heart, although I must say I also love both of the sage green drawings. Beautiful work!