Thursday, November 3, 2011

Art Every Day Month - #3: Jalousie

Jalousie is a recent tangle from Stephanie Kukla, a.k.a. Phine. That's the tangle I'm trying today. See how to draw Jalousie on her blog, Zendoodle Wege. Here's my effort, along with two variations. I think this tile looks rather volcanic!

Tangles: Flux, Jalousie (and variations), Jonqal, Tripoli

Tiles are arriving for my blog's first anniversary art give-away! There's still time to send one if you want to participate.


  1. I like it! It is a little volcanic. The new tangle works well in all it's variations and somehow brings to mind a musical instrument... A percusion instrument or the reed on a wind insrument, or musical notation... Just makes me think of music. Nice one. I am very tempted to send in a tile for you celebration, alas, I have no tiles to send. I have been doing all mine on white card stock or watercolor paper that I have on hand. Sounds fun though, you should have quite the collection when it's over.

  2. Eden, as long as it's 3.5 inches square, black ink on white paper with pencil shading, feel free to send something along!
    (It is a bit musical isn't it?!)

  3. I'm glad to see you're participating in the AEDM too and trying out new tangles every day - that's a cool way to join in AND practice some new tangles. I've also seen Stephanie's new pattern but haven't had a chance to try it - I like your tangleations.

    I'll be sending along a "tile" too - though I don't have an actual tile, I do have paper!

  4. I love your variations of JALOUSIE!!! I had some similar things in mind when I drew it… Very cool to see what you´ve done with it <3.