Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mandala tiles

I've been teaching an eight week series of Zentangle classes. Our final projects will be a tangled word or initials, and a tangled mandala.

Last night, as "practice" for the larger mandala, we did two mandalas on Zentangle tiles. Both mandalas begin with a simple pencil string of a large circle and an eight-pointed 'asterisk'.

I went through a few tiles planning what would look nice and was relatively easy. Here are some of my trial tiles, where I was working things out.
I ended up not using Fohbraid, Coaster, Seljuk,
or 'beach balls' in the outer circles.

These are the two mandala designs I finally decided on for the class. In the first one (on the left) people could choose whatever two tangles they wanted for the eight main sections.
Tangles on the left: Crossview, Flux, Perfs, Rain, Tipple
Tangles on the right: Black Pearlz, Not-a-Knot, Ogen, Tortuca, stripes with highlights

It's a school holiday week so one student was out of town, but here are the lovely pieces (one unfinished) done by the other two lovely folks in my class!


  1. Love, love these mandalas. Cannot wait to see more. Hope you will consider making an ebook of mandala designs to tangle.

  2. That must have been a fine lesson. The results are beautiful! love 'n greetz, Ellen

  3. it looks like your very talented students had a great time taking your class!
    so lucky to live close to you! you inspire your students to stretch the imagination! thanks for sharing their artwork! Aloha, Andrea

  4. These pieces of "ART" are fabulous, I think credit is due to the Teacher too!
    Thanks for sharing they just take my breath away. I sure wish I lived closer to take a class or two.

  5. I really like this now if I can just get going and stop looking. when it comes to craft I buy every thing I need and it just sit while I look at every one else s beautiful work.