Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bright Owl's zendala dare

(I'm off in Vancouver for a week, seeing patterns everywhere, so the blog upkeep may be irregular!)

Erin Koetz Olsen, a CZT and the Bright Owl blogger, has started a zendala dare every Friday. She'll provide a template to begin from, then you tangle it to your heart's content. I didn't do the first dare but here's the template she provided this week:

Here are my two contributions for the second. For the first tile, the outside shape reminded me of the tangle Allium, but the shape was a bit large so I subdivided it. I've been rather entranced with the new tangle Mi2 so I had to try that on the next tile!
Tangles: Alliium, Hurakan, Perfs, Tortuca
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Mi2


  1. WOW!! Love, the Mi2 zendala! Beautiful!

  2. Great job - the second one is real showstopper!

  3. wow! i can't get Mi2 to even resemble a little of what it's supposed to, and you made it in the round and 3-dimensional! it's wonderful!
    i like the way you built on allium in your first tile, also.
    they are both beautiful!

  4. I like your first tile, but your second tile is glorious! Awesome work:)

  5. < ---- stunned with seeing such beauty

  6. Wow, I agree, the second tile is AMAZING!! When I grow up, I would like to Zentangle as apparently easily as you do!! Thanks for always sharing the names of the tangles, helps hugely.