Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just my tangles

I've come up with quite a few tangle patterns and decided to do some tiles using only my own tangles. I've tried this before, and usually get to a point where some other tangle is appropriate, and it's always best to go with inspiration. However, these times my plan worked!
Tangles: Bevia, Chebucto, Dansk, Ninja Stars, Prestwood, Yuan
Tangles: Dancet, Diamond Panes, Dutch Hourglass,
Gingham, Tridots, Yale, Yoga

The next two tiles began with a blind border and string, thus the off-center rectangle. They fit nicely in a series I seem to have on the go: Tiles on a Tile.
Tangles: Boss, Croon, Dust Bunny, Ionic, Lotus Pods, Screen,
Seljuk, Yabbut and a solitary Ninja Star
Tangles: Cockles'n'Mussels, D'Uni, Lilypads, Magma,
Moving Day, Parch, Shades, Zedbra
This is not quite all my tangles. To see drawing instructions for any of these press the "My tangles" bar just under the blog's name. The page is under construction and is still messy. Working on that. Press the name of the tangle, not the image. I haven't yet posted drawing instructions for Yoga.


  1. These are all awesome, Margaret. I especially like the third one. It's amazing that these are made from your tangles exclusively. Wow. Thank you so much for posting instructions. I am a newbie and this helps so much. You rock.

  2. Wow! I really like these. Can't wait to try some of the tangles. Thanks for posting them.

  3. Margaret I love your creative! Wonderful!