Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday oddities

These Zentangle tiles strike me as a bit unusual. The first is inspired by a quilt I saw a few months ago at a quilt show. The pattern, or maybe the quilt, was called Island Sunrise. I did a quick sketch of it on a Zentangle tile, then finished it at home later. I don't remember the colors of the quilt, but this black and white version makes me think of fireworks.

I had a different idea when I began this next one, then it went in its own direction. The large circle overlaps two string sections, and I'm not sure why I left it very white, with no shading.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Boss, Crossview, Lacing, Zapateado,
a Knightsbridge Aura and some Rounding


  1. Love your tiles this morning! It is fun to think of fabric as tangles, what a great source for inspiration.

  2. Hi Margaret

    I like them both, but I agree that the 1st one looks a bit odd for a Zentangle. It is so geometric that even though there are some flowing lines within the squares, it seems very rigid. And yet is full of motion. Very paradoxical. And fun.

    The second one makes me think of a belt.

  3. i think the second one looks like a western belt - i like it!