Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday's tile: development

Today I'll show you a bit about how one tile developed. Unfortunately I didn't think to do scans earlier in the process, so we'll have to depend on words.

This one began with the 'asterisk string' from the DivaCZT's weekly challenge #64. However, instead of drawing straight pencil lines, I wobbled them across the paper. Of course, they didn't cross neatly in the middle and gave me some extra little sections. There are only three tangles used: Fohbraid, Munchin, and Paradox.

I had the tangles all drawn, but it seemed too bland across the bottom, so I "striped" a few of the small Paradoxes. I chose those three because they seem to be coming out the other side of where the Fohbraid triangles start going through. Below is the tile with all the ink tangles, but no shading yet.

Here is the tile with the shading added. What a difference! But there was something I didn't quite like about the triangles in Fohbraid. I decided perhaps it was too many lines (Auras) so...

... I filled them so that there was only one white band at the edge of each triangle. It still seemed a bit fussy at the bottom so I filled in one Paradox section entirely black. I think it balances the black triangles at the top.  Now I think it's finished.


  1. I really appreciate your description of how your tile developed along the way. It is so helpful. The tile is wonderful too!

  2. Thanks for sharing this insight into your tile development process. It was inspirational to see, read and learn how you work.