Sunday, May 6, 2012

A few more 'house tiles'

I've really been taken with this idea of tiny house-scapes on Zentangle tiles. Here are a few more.
Tangles: Caviar, Flux, Hibred, Mi2, Paradox, Sanibelle, Tagh
and a Knightsbridge Aura
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Krli-q, Sanibelle, Shades,
a Tagh variation and a Knightsbridge sort-of-Aura
Tangles: Caviar, Drupe, Flux, Hurly Burly, Opus, Phuds,
Sanibelle, Tagh, Tortuca, Wud


  1. These are wonderful. I can't believe how many tangles you have used.

  2. How about some birdhouses too? I tried, but I just can't get it to look right....yet!

  3. I just love these! I like the 'stormy' Mi2 sky and the Drupe 'sun' and the positive/negative effect on the top houses. It is fascinating to see what the different patterns suggest - they don't have to "be" anything... they just hint at things and that is enough. I would love to see the whole 'village'.

  4. First time I've seen.anything like this. I love the concept of combing tangles with real objects and what nice samples these are!

  5. I love these .... they're great!!!!!
    I must learn to Zentangle!!!!

  6. Totally Gorgeous!!! You know how to turn a house into a Hometangle!!! Gotta love em!