Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eccentric circles revisited

For some reason recently, I pulled out this piece that had been sitting around for over a year, very little work done on it. It was rectangular but I was able to cut it down to a square. One of the reliable things I do with art that isn't working is this: Draw a circle on it and see what happens. Works almost every time!
Tangles: Assunta, Black Pearlz, Coaster, Crescent Moon, Knightsbridge,
Munchin, Paradox, Pearlz, Prestwood, Providence, Tipple, Tortuca, Tripoli, Xyp
and stripes with highlights
I used black, various blues, and gray inks. One circle overlapped another and so on and so on. This happened shortly after the Diva's challenge to use circles so of course I had to title this one "Eccentric Circles". (Thanks Laura for the fun word play!)

This piece is another good example of how shading can make a tremendous difference. Here it is before. Rather dull in comparison I'd say.


  1. Margaret, I have been through your whole blog. You have done a wonderful job identifying the tangles you have use throughout. I was looking for an example of Facade. I think that it must be the best kept secret tangle. Could you give me a peek?

    1. Fa├žade is one of Zentangle's unpublished tangles. I looked it up and realized I've never used it! I'll try to think of it sometime soon so I can include it in a tile soon. Thanks for drawing it to my attention!

  2. Wow - your work is totally inspiring and amazing. I am new to this but loving it. x

  3. Amazing Margaret!I would love to have seen it before you added the circles and cut the extra off. You are so right about the shading - it makes a huge difference!The highlights in those stripes make a dramatic change.