Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Camelia

I've been enjoying Anne Marks' new tangle Camelia. It's an elegant tangle that doesn't look like a square grid until you look closely. Here are three tiles where I've tried it.
Tangles: Camelia, Knightsbridge, Ninja Stars, Posh, Tripoli

I love the little floating balls in this next one! Hurray for shading!

Tangles: Black Pearlz, Camelia, Jalousie, Munchin elements,
N'zeppel, Pearlz, Zedbra

Not sure I like this zendala tile that much, but I like the Camelia, and I really like the echo of Camelia near the center pinwheel. I tried a different pencil for the shading and was not happy with it.
Tangles: Camelia, Cubine, Paradox


  1. I love the Zendala, but can see what you mean about the shading. What is your favorite pencil to use? Your shading always looks so smooth and awesome:)

    1. I tried a standard Prismacolor pencil - which normally I love - but maybe it's the softer Tiepolo paper. Then I used a Rismacolor colorless blending pencil but it almost made it worse!
      Normally I use a simple 2B pencil and a blending stick.