Friday, August 3, 2012


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Rangoli is a folk art of India.  They are decorative circular designs made on the floors of living rooms, in courtyards and outside doors during Hindu festivals. They are intended as sacred welcoming areas for the Hindu deities and are thought to bring good luck. I understand that in some parts of India it's the job of the lady of the house to create a rangoli outside the front door or gate each day.

They can be quite simple, like the one above, or more involved like the one below. Often, they are drawn with moistened chalk, however, other materials can be used such as colored rice, colored dry flour, sand or even flower petals and leaves.
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Colored chalk can be used too.
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Here is a rangoli created using flowers.
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This reminds me of a video I posted a while ago about How to Grow a Mandala. I expect the drawing of the chalk rangolis/mandalas progresses in much the same way.

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  1. These are wonderful, i would like to do this tradition myself.....