Monday, September 17, 2012

Not representational but...

I've been doing a lot of tiles recently where the string is basically lines back and forth, and drawn either with my eyes closed, with my left hand, or both. Makes for some interesting, wobbly shapes to use. Here are two.
Tangles: Beadlines, Camelia, Crescent Moon, Dansk, Finery,
Flez, Pearlz, Perfs, Tipple, Wud
Tangles: Flux, Knase, Prestwood, Tipple, Zedbra, Zewm
(and one that shall remain secret for a wee while!)

Of course, they could go horizontally, but I find that when I orient them vertically and leave white spaces they often remind me of close-ups of tree trunks and branches. Thinking that way, I did more.
Tangles: Crescent Moon, Flux, Jalousie, Knase, Pearlz,
Striping, Tipple, Wud and elements of Tortuca
Tangles: Beadlines, Beeline, Crescent Moon, Finery, Flukes,
Knightsbridge, Perfs, Snookums, Striping, Verve
Tangles: Bilt, Black Pearlz, Fohbraid, Knase, Parabola,
Unyun, Wud, Zewm
I think it will be interesting, once I have a whole stack of these, to arrange them so that the 'trunks' and 'branches' seem to connect, at least sometimes. It would be like a tangled forest!


  1. These are intriguing - that last one DOES look like a tree with the boles on the trunk & crevices - you can almost imagine those little bundles of insects' threads that are found sometimes in the tree's grooves.
    an absolute joy to see. I also wanted to say how much pleasure & sheer delight your blog plosts give. I've been looking back at your posts & sometimes catch my breath for I recognize the 'connective mind' e.g with vesicae pescis.
    Have a good week.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. Oh I love these. I think your "wobbly lines" seem more organic. Wonderful assortment of tangles.

  3. Margaret, these are fabulous! I love how Zentangle continues to surprise and fascinate us!

  4. I like these very much. They give an interesting perspective on the forms.

  5. Gosh Margaret...I wouldn't miss your blog for the world! You do the coolest things. I also use your essay from the Sukura Pen Website to hand out to folks when I do a Zentangle workshop. I love the tree trunks and have copied those for creative plagerizing. (spelling?) You are fantastic!

  6. I really love how these turned out. I immediately thought of tree branches when I saw the first one. They will make a beautiful mosaic. Yummy!

  7. I love these too! You are on your way to a beautiful tangled forest, and you might just have to put one of your tangled houses in the middle of the forest!

  8. These are great !! They look especially good with the white spacing.

  9. This is interesting and can be used for tattoo! I'll take it for my narrative speech ideas