Friday, September 7, 2012

Trickier triquetra

This, apparently, is known as a looped triquetra. Each arm has a loop, different from the single loop version at the end of this post.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Dansk, Printemps, Striping, Verve, Zedbra

I've always loved the intricate precision of Celtic knot work, but I find I'm quite enjoying the unevenness of doing these freehand. Certainly no perfect triangles happening here.

What I think of as 'Celtic colors' - red, blue, maybe green, and the brown metals (gold, copper, bronze, brass) - kept coming to mind so I decided I'd better try one in color. I used a lot of different pens in this ZIA, including Sakura's Glaze pens. Originally I didn't like them much, but I've been won over. In this case, the dark brown glaze helps mask a colossal booboo I made near the beginning. If you look closely you'll probably see it, in the upper left, where I went over instead of under, or maybe the other way. Ultimately, I don't really like this one much. The Glaze ink seems to overpower the regular brown ink and the colored circles are too random.
Tangles: "Black" Pearlz, Tipple, Zewm


  1. I am finding as I tangle more that I totally prefer black, white and gray with maybe one color somewhere in the tangle. So the upper one is MY favorite for sure and I want to try one of these Celtic knots now. Having said that I have added Zentangles to my watercolors were appropriate for Zentangle-inspired Art. I love that. Somehow that is DIFFERENT from true Zentangles.
    Could you explain the difference between "official" and unofficial Zentangle patterns?

    1. Hi Ginny, yes, I find the black/white/gray combination very striking, much as I love color too!

      "Official" tangle patterns are the tangles developed by Zentangle, usually Rick and Maria, sometimes Molly. Everything else is everything else. :)

      Some of the 'official' tangles have been shared in the Zentangle newsletter or on the blog. Some are shared only with those who attend the CZT certification seminars.
      You can find a list of official tangles here:

      Linda Farmer is a recent CZT and has been operating the Tangle Patterns website for a few years. It's a great resource.

  2. I think I like the top one best as well. Mostly because I just really like the black/white look of Zentangle better. The second one has a Christmas feel to it. I guess the holidays are just around the corner.

  3. Oh Margaret, I LOVE this looped triquetra pattern - and what you've done with them! Both are stunning, but the second one speaks to me. I love how you've used your reds - the darker on the outside top and bottom right - balanced with the paleness of the inside - and the spots of color. Brilliant! I want to use this as a string sometime too!

  4. As always, just think the result is amazing. Even your freehand is perfect!! I like the brown tones used and I cant find your mistake at all!!