Monday, October 15, 2012

Support! Get art!

Linda Farmer maintains the popular, helpful and much-visited site There you can find not only tangle patterns, but also string ideas, articles, and more. It takes time, energy and funds to keep the website operating.

It's the second anniversary of the Enthusiastic Artist blog and in celebration I've devised my own plan to support Linda and her efforts. Some time ago I created this ZIA (zentangle inspired art) in brown and sepia on hemp paper. The heart showed up out of nowhere so I just had to call it "I (heart) Zentangle".

You can have a copy of this ZIA and support at the same time!
Tangles: Barnacle, Beadlines, Caviar, Chartz, Crescent Moon, Cubine, Flux, Hibred,
Knightsbridge, N'zeppel, Paradox, Pearlz, Pina, Purk, Rain with Aura, Snookums, Tipple, Tri-dots,
Xyp, stripes with highlights, and Rick's Flux variation that some call Purslane.

The original is 9"x12" and the reproductions are 8.5"x11", so the copy is very slightly smaller than the original. The colors are matched as closely as possible. Note that the paper is actually less gray and more beige than the photo above.

I'm asking $25 for the reproduction, plus $2 postage. Postage will vary, of course, but that's sort of average. I also need to cover envelopes, cardboard, reproductions and time. So, I promise that at least $20 from each piece will go to support the tanglepatterns site. I'll see how it goes and if I can send more I will. If you like this piece and love but your current financial situation is crummy, e-mail me and we'll work something out.

There was a monster growing in my brain for several months. It's name is PayPal. One day, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to tame it no matter how long it took. I had all day if necessary. I think we have lift-off !!!!!!!!! So-o-o...
If you'd like one or more copies of "I (heart) ZENTANGLE" YOU CAN PAY ME USING PAYPAL.
Again I say: Whoop! Whoop!
I really hope it works! This will be the test run. Here goes:

Please e-mail me if there are any problems. My address is in the Contact tab at the top.
If you don't want to use PayPal you can do this:
1. Contact me by e-mail and let me know you want one (or more).
2. I'll tell you my mailing address and you can send a cheque.

Linda has compiled a terrific tangle reference PDF of all the tangles shown on the site. If you make a minimum donation of $12 to tanglepatterns you receive this Pattern Reference chart, for free! I will pass on your name and e-mail address to her so she can send you this reference, unless you ask me not to.

THANKS LINDA! Keep up the great work!



  1. Great idea, as I was considering a donation directly to Linda's site. This is even better!!!
    I'll push your paypal button and see how it goes.

  2. Okay, I think my order went through this time. Margaret, this is such a wonderful idea! I donate to tangle patterns every year about this time, so I am thrilled to donate and get a piece of your artwork too! I hope you get a lot of responses from this. Sue

  3. Wow. Margaret I love your art! This is so beautiful!!! I also love " tanglepatterns" and absolutely think it should be supported so here goes my $25 and thank you very much!