Tuesday, November 13, 2012

AEDM 9-12

I was out of town at a conference all weekend. The conference was at a Radisson Hotel and I was looking at the speakers' podium a lot. Finally it sank in: the 'R' in Radisson would make an interesting zentangle string!!!

Here's the string I used:

In my first tile I used a few tangles I know and like, but haven't used recently. Here the R is right-side up.
Tangles: Bilt, Fohbraid, Marasu, Phuds, Snaylz Trayl variation

Next I used Fife, a lovely tangle from Molly Hollibaugh and Sue Olsen's C-scape, both of which... it's been a while. Starburst is a new tangle from Suzanne McNeill and can be found in the new book Zentangle 7. Here the 'R' is lying on its back.
Tangles: Caviar, Coaster, C-scape, Fife, Flux, Starburst
In fact, the 's' makes an interesting string too. Here it's upside down.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Paradox variation, Prestwood, Tripoli

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  1. These are just gorgeous! I love the inspiration of the "R" in Radisson!