Friday, November 2, 2012

Art Every Day Month 2012, Day 2

I'm participating in Art Every Day Month again this year and hope to do a Zentangle tile every day and to use at least one tangle that's unfamiliar.  

However, I'm still on a Bunzo roll from this week's Zentangle challenge. I used a round tile and a template from the Zendala Dare (#7) and more Bunzo.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Bunzo, Printemps, stripes and spirals

I have the odd feeling that this year's Art Every Day Month isn't going to happen as planned. We'll see. I hope I at least do something arty every day!


  1. Lovely! It took my eye a few minutes to see that all the blue was Bunzo too. The black and white with just a touch of color looks so stunning!

  2. That is a simply gorgeous mandala - love the blue color you added! Rally well done

  3. This is beautiful -- the blues make it particularly striking.


  4. Love the colors there's with the black and white version of Bunzo. Something about this zendalla really keeps the eye moving. Very nice!