Monday, December 31, 2012


patsy monk has organized a new year ZIA postcard swap among some of the CZTs. I stuck with the classic black on white, on 4"x6" cards. The only real requirement was that the date "2013-01-01" appear on the card somewhere, somehow, and that we list the tangles we used on the back.

Sometimes I put "2013/01/01 in one section of the string. Here are two like that, both in the upper left corners:

I didn't do that with all of them. Sometimes I used '2013' as a string and placed the "01 01" in a section. Here are two like that. Can you find the "01 01" in each of them? 
("01 01" can be found in the lower left and upper left, respectively)

Sometimes I even used "2013 01 01" as the string. So here's a little puzzle for you: can you find "2013 01 01" on this card? Happy hunting! And Happy New Year (Gregorian that is)!
Tangles: Beadlines, Black Pearlz, Crossview, Drupe, Fleurette, Flux, Jalousie, Knightsbridge, Sanibelle, Tipple, and a triquetra


  1. This was great fun & I found them all - I particularly like that last one.
    Happy New Year & thank you for all your inspiration.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. Love it!! You are an amazing inspiration!!! Thank you for all you do :-)

  3. They all look fantastic, I had to have a long and good sit to see all that you have drawn - truly marvelous work!

  4. I found them all but it took a bit of doing on that last one. And I thoroughly enjoyed checking out the tangles in detail while I was hunting. Really pretty work,all of them