Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Others' spheres

A while ago I posted a couple of templates for doing zendalas that look like spheres. That post is here. The idea appealed to some of you and I said I'd show a selection on my blog. Prepare to be inspired!
This was created by Lesley Scott-Gillilan, a CZT in Indiana.

Homage to Jazzy, a neighbor's dog, by CZT Jane Menard in Ontario.

This one is done by Cathy, in the USA.
I think her choice of Dex makes the sphere look as if it's
coming out at us but with little squares going in. Cool.

Cindy Teigland used Knightsbridge and Anne Marks' tangle Camelia.
Here's an interesting variation from Lila Popcheff.
She's used the square grid but done the tangles in strips.
CZT Sue Clark used the tangle Flourish, but found it was
just too tricky in those stretched shapes at the edges.
The effect is still there.
Catherine Langsdorf created this one for a recent Diva challenge.
Love the different things she did at the edges!

Remember, if you try this send me a photo (or tell me where to find it on the Internet). If there are enough more I'll post another selection!


  1. EVERYONE! These are fabulous. I have got to try this! maria

  2. Thanks for sharing my work on your wonderful blog. I really am enjoying using the sphere. thanks so much!

  3. Kudos to all the sphere makers!! Very impressive. Cindy Teigland