Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Montreal vacation

I've been enjoying Montreal for the past two weeks. We're here with a couple of friends who did a house exchange so we have wonderful company and wonderful accommodations. The weather has been beautiful! I'm eating my fill of Montreal bagels (the best), visiting lots of interesting places, and and doing a lot of walking - 9 kms one day! My husband and I lived here for five years B.C. (before children) and our youngest daughter is currently studying here.

I'd prepared a few posts before we left home - most of those have been posted - but today I'm on a computer where I can upload photos and I want to share some pictures from Montreal.

We took a walk through part of the huge cemetery on Mount Royal, looking for two particular grave sites (which we found!), and in our wanderings I saw this wonderful Celtic cross gravestone. I love Celtic interlacing and patterns.

We went to see an exhibition of work by Dale Chihuly at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Eye-poppingly gorgeous!!! He works in blown and molded glass and the works are huge (although composed of small parts). We were enchanted.
Not sure if the title is Sun or The Sun, but it's spectacular!
 Here is my husband in front of it, to give an idea of the scale:
This is but a small portion of a piece that filled an entire room at the gallery
and looks like an underwater landscape. I loved these green and black tendrils.
Part of a large ceiling!
There were pads so you could lie on the floor and look up at it.
I thought it would make a marvelous floor too, to walk over.
One of a series of what he calls 'chandeliers'.
There are also 'towers' that sit on the floor.
I went to a children's class that our daughter facilitates and taught the kids how to draw looped string lotus flowers, which they then colored and put a jewel in the centre. Some of them looked more like stars, which is fine. Mine do that too sometimes!

Tomorrow we're off to Toronto for two days, and will visit the ROM's special exhibit on Mesopotamia.


  1. I love the Chihuly pieces and the work you did with the kids! Both are beautiful & inspirational! The Celtic knots and "tangles" have a lot in common. That was a nice find.

  2. Chihuly's works are extraordinary and seeing them in person is a must! Glad your holiday included his works. Thanks for sharing your photos of the exibit. Enjoy your vacation! Anon