Thursday, August 29, 2013


Life's been quite hectic recently.

We returned home at midnight last Saturday from two weeks in Montreal with a couple of friends. Our youngest daughter is studying there so we were able to see her a lot, which was wonderful! My husband has been awaiting a work visa from China, and it had been delivered while we were away. That gave him four days to finish preparing so he could make his flight this morning (Thursday). As we did a few years ago, he'll be teaching English at a university, this time in Nanjing. He's up and away, for ten months! I've had three art shows to prepare for, one happening this Saturday, one opening Sunday evening, the other on September 21. Plus, I'm co-teaching a Zentangle weekend with Deb Kopeschny in Edmonton (several hours drive) in a couple of weeks and we've been planning that as my 'net connections permitted. Maybe all that was just a bit too much. Yesterday I woke up with a bad cough, stuffy nose and a sore throat.

But I really wanted to do this challenge. Like Laura, Tipple is one of my go-to tangles. I like monotangle challenges too because it forces me to think about what more could be done with a particular pattern. So today, between naps, I did a tile.
Tipple, the classic version.
Tipple, with a 005 pen, and overlapping.
Tipple, all tiny circles (I call it Caviar).
Tipple, tiny circles at the perimeter gradually getting larger towards the center.
Tipple like Pearlz, filled in around the edges.
Tipple, with a 08 pen and some hatching.
Tipple, with black 'bubbles' and highlights.
Tipple, with a black background.
Tipple, white on black.


  1. love the different role tipple has played here...

  2. Wat mooi het lijkt wel kant


  4. What a great tile - the more I looked at it the more details I noticed and enjoyed.

  5. Love you Tipple monotangle! Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Great to look at all the different variations in one place.

  7. Love this one. Lots of variety making something that should be mundane very interesting!

  8. You offer up to us a spectacular visual tutorial of the multi-faceted Tipple. Thank you for always showing us new ways of interpreting both, the simple and the complex, tangle patterns.

  9. Love your monotangle. What a wonderful array of Tipple tangleations.

  10. Love this and the wonderful star that emerges, Tipple is the star, no?

    1. Tipple is everywhere! :)
      I used a slight variation of tanglepatterns string #3 which has a lot of points.

  11. Very beautiful and elegant. I hope you feel better soon.

  12. I love your work so much, this tile is another master piece