Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tangling in Edmonton

Some months ago a plan was put in motion. Deb Kopeschny, a CZT in Toronto, is doing a low-residency Masters in Art Therapy at the University of Alberta. Kelly Weins, who lives in Edmonton and loves Zentangle, had contacted me about the possibility of going there to do some classes. Deb has stayed with Kelly, who lives walking distance from the University. See where this is going? This past weekend I drove to Edmonton to co-teach two days of Zentangle workshops with Deb! Here we are, in Kelly's garden:
Margaret, Kelly and Deb
We offered a series of four classes, each building on the previous one. People could register for as many or as few as they had time and interest for. The first class, on Saturday morning, had 18 participants. Here are the first of two tiles they did.
We taught Hollibaugh, Knightsbridge, Munchin and Tipple
Deb demonstrates Flux as the students draw along.

On Saturday afternoon we had two more sessions. These are the tiles from one class.
On this tile we taught Cubine, Marasu, Shattuck, Tidings and Yincut
Of course, everyone wanted to take photos of the tiles the group had created!

On Sunday afternoon I taught a class focusing on mandalas and 'zendalas'. First, each person followed along as I demonstrated and they created a mandala on a standard square tile. These were done entirely freehand; that really impresses me!
Not all these tangles are in each mandala: Crossview, Florz, Flux, Munchin,
Pearlz, Perfs, Rain (with Aura), and Tortuca
For the second part of the afternoon I showed them how to create a looped-string lotus form on a blank zendala tile. They used some of the tangles we'd done the day before, and I showed several new tangles. This is as far as we got in the time available. Once they have all the tangles and some shading, won't they be wonderful!?