Monday, October 14, 2013

Printemps spirals

Here's another in the series I seem to be doing using a spiral template. I used all spirally tangles here too: Snaylz, Paushalöv, Lamar and Printemps (which I've decided to use as a title). In a few sections there are even spirals on top of spirals!

I adapted this design from a design I found at If you'd like to try using the same template I've posted a PDF here. Note that this is my working template, not tidied up at all! The original design wasn't an exact circle so I traced around a zendala tile, extended some lines, and eliminated a wee section. More info is on the template I've posted. (Interesting how the original design uses something akin to Shattuck in the background.)

You can see previous work using this same template here and here.


  1. It's great! I love the colors in this one!

  2. The colors are so vibrant! This makes the swirls serene and dream-like. Beautiful work :)