Friday, March 14, 2014

Duotangle challenge

A duotangle, a term coined by fellow CZT Laura Harms, is her challenge this week. The tangles are Crescent Moon, a longtime favorite of mine, and Diva Dance, designed for Laura by Rick and Maria. Both tangles involve a lot of lines so the challenge for me was to try to make them distinct. As always, shading helps!

Monotangles and duotangles are a great opportunity to experiment with variations of tangles. First, I tried leaving broad white spaces in Diva Dance. I also tried putting a few little circles in the black spaces, which I really like. Oh no, is that Pearlz?! Shoot. And I used Black Pearlz, too. Sorry, no duotangle here!
Then I tried Diva Dance with white lines of varying widths, which makes a nice change. I also tried a triple bump shape in Crescent Moon. I kept getting more ideas but decided that I should quit. :)


  1. All great Margaret! Like you, I love the Pearlz in the second one.

  2. All three are fantastic! Wonderful variations of Crescent Moon. I like the fine contrast, too!

  3. Beautiful tiles and nice shading :)

  4. Margaret, you just have a real knack for variations! I wish I could spend just one day in your brain....oh , maybe not, I get the feeling I would be very tired as I am sure it works non-stop (LOL)! I especially love your variations of Crescent Moon!