Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Recent tile-size ZIAs

Oh yes... more little houses!
Tangles: Crezn't, Dex, Dust Bunny, Florz, Flukes,
Knightsbridge, Palrevo, Printemps, Zewm
Not much zentangle here, except for Printemps.

I had done a border on this one, and knew it would be a tree, but it sat around half-finished for quite a while waiting for inspiration. It was worth the wait. I decided to do the tree in colored pencil - which I love - and the blue night sky and the little birds. I'm calling it "I Sing Your Praises".
Tangles: Chebucto, Crescent Moon, Crossview,
Cruze, Diva Dance, Elven, Posh, Wud


  1. The little houses are adorable!!! And I love the sky on the second one.

  2. WOW super!!! The houses are so fun and I love the trunk on the tree. Have a great day
    DIANA L.

  3. Margaret, these are just beautiful!

  4. Oh my goodness, I love them all, but that middle tile with that gorgeous background has me drooling!

  5. These are all great but I always love your houses!

  6. Margaret, I have been inspired by your work for a while now and I would so love to know how you achieve the soft and subdued background on the middle tile with the beautiful birch trees. Also, do you by chance have a post or tutorial on how you achieve such gentle transitions and fades with your colored pencil work?

    1. Hi Julie, thanks! I often use an acrylic wash and tangle on top of it. That's the case in both the three birches and 'I Sing Your Praises'. Water down the acrylic paint, wet the paper, and drop some paint onto it. Then I turn the paper various ways to make it run. Generally I stick to the three primary colors for the washes but I have a couple go others I use occasionally. In the colored pencil tree, I worked on top of a wash so some of the colors were there already; I just enhanced them.

    2. Thank you for the tips! Your work is gorgeous. <3