Sunday, May 4, 2014

I'm ba-a-a-ack! With two zendalas.

I feel I haven't posted anything for a very long time, but it's only been two weeks! Although my posts have been rarer than usual recently.

At the beginning of April was Retreat to Paradise, and at the end of April was Tangle U. I was doing a lot of thinking and planning and preparation for classes I was to teach at both events. In the end I didn't make it to Tangle U (that's a whole story itself) and now I've been sick with a horrible hacking cough for more than a week and had no energy. The blog found itself on the back-burner.

Now my scanner has decided it can't find the computer (although the computer can find the printer, and scanner and printer are the same piece of equipment - go figure) so I'm relying on phone and camera for now and the pictures are not as good. I want to show you two pre-strung zendala tiles I did recently.

In the tile below I used the string to create a see-through grill. Then I did another random string throughout, and used that for sections to tangle. I shaded the same side of each grill section to enhance the idea of the tangles being behind the white.

Tangles: Black Pearlz, Cruffle, Dansk, Emingle, Fiore, Gewgle, Knightsbridge,
Lotus Pods, Magma, Printemps, Tipple, Yew-Dee

In this colored one I used the Rounding enhancement almost everywhere. In addition to the color wash I also used a white pen, a gray pen, and pencil shading.
Tangles: Pearlz, Rounding, Tipple
Posts may continue to be slow for a while. Tomorrow my youngest daughter arrives for a visit. Next week Laura the Diva CZT and I will be having fun with a couple of other CZTs, Lisa Heron from Regina SK and Jenny Farrell from Australia. Can't wait for that!


  1. Welcome back Margaret. What a lovely zendalas!

  2. these are STUNNING!!
    Also, what the heck? My computer is not recognizing my scanner either. VERY frustrating, i'm using a very annoying work around consisting of a program called VueScan and screen shots. :(

    Very excited to meet lisa and jenny next week!!

  3. Both are beautiful, but I myself prefer the first one. I love the fantastic 3D effect. :)

  4. love,love,love the colorful one!!

  5. Welcome back! Sorry to hear you are not feeling good. Will send some healing prayers for you. Great work, just love looking at them. Happy you are posting again. Sometimes a break is good ( for you). But we missed seeing your beautiful work. Get well"

  6. Margaret, your see-through grill idea is super duper! Have an enjoyable week, hope you are feeling much better.

  7. Loved the one particularly where you made everything look "inside and underneath". Excellent.
    So sorry to hear you've been sick. I did hear about the work permit fiasco! Bummer. I have twisted my knee and have a torn meniscus now which may require surgery. My trip to Providence is in just 6 weeks so I am thinking I may have to postpone the surgery until AFTER CZT training and just get a cane and a knee brace and a wheel chair at the airport! I am NOT missing the training!!! My daughter is going along so I'll have a helper. I know you are scheduled to teach at the first session but I'll miss you as I am second session.

  8. Lovely as usual - even with a phone camera. So sorry that your trip to Tangle U didn't work out for you and me but I'm sure our paths will cross soon.

  9. Wonderful Zendalas, Margaret - very inspiring! My fingers are itching to try that first one and I am off to see what Rounding is! Welcome back and have a great time with your daughter and that buzzingly creative CZT group meeting. Axxx

  10. Your Zendala's are beautiful, loving the see through grill Zendala.