Thursday, May 22, 2014

iPhone case

When I got the case for my iPhone it was a lovely turquoise. In the past year and a half it has faded, or something, and is now a dull, slightly bluish yellowy green, sort of. I was thinking of buying a new case, but then I thought "I could tangle it!". This took part of an afternoon and I'm very happy with it!

I also tangled the front, top and bottom. However, it's a different sort of plastic and the marks were not as crisp and it started rubbing off after a few days. I removed the plastic covering and now these two parts are parts of history.

I used a Sakura Microperm pen and I'm becoming quite a fan. It can write on all sorts of surfaces and is what we used to tangle clam shells at Retreat to Paradise in early April.


  1. So sorry to hear you won't be at MY CZT seminar! I was stoked and disappointed all at once. Stoked to realize you would've been there and then super disappointed I wouldn't get the opportunity. Your artwork is awesome!

  2. Great solution. Hubby had a similar problem, his was red leather and was getting grubby. I would tangle his but he took a thick sharpie and wrote his contact info on the back of the case. oops.

  3. this looks great, margaret! i really like that microperm pen, too! i've been using it on tiles and on top of watercolor backgrounds.