Thursday, May 15, 2014

Well. Punzel needs practice.

A duotangle challenge again! The two tangles are Well, which I've done a few times and rather enjoy, and Punzel, which I really like the look of but find challenging to draw.

Earlier this week I had the lovely opportunity to visit with Laura (the challenge Diva), Lisa Heron (CZT from nearby Regina), and Jenny Farrell (CZT from far-away Melbourne Australia). Jenny gave us some Aussie cut-outs for potential tangling, and I did this week's challenge on the Australia shape.

I started with Punzel on the far right, from Mungkan Kandju National Park to Melbourne. I totally botched it, but it's still interesting!
I tried again, in the middle, in a north-south route through Alice Springs. It's a little less wayward, but still not Punzel or even Chainging. I decided that perhaps I should check the instructions. Aha! Discovered where I was going wrong.
Third try lucky. And fourth. Both in Western Australia.
Then I added various incarnations of Well in the blank spots. That was easy.

And here's a photo of we four CZTs, on Laura's fabulous new deck.
Margaret, Jenny, Laura, Lisa


  1. Such fun Margaret but where is Tasmania? Don't worry our little island often gets forgotten! Your punzels have super character. Love the happy photo. Cheers.

  2. I'm rather partial to those "botched" Punzels! Anyway, the result is striking and I think Australians everywhere will be pleased.

  3. Sehr schön!
    Schönen Tag,*Manja*

  4. Margaret, don't tell us you ( the expert on this Zentangle stuff) has trouble getting patterns just right??? I saw what you said about having to work on the Punzel design some to make to look right. I had to spend two days scribbling in my sketchbook to get something somewhere like it is supposed to be. Well is great, I never have any trouble with Well (that's because its easy). Oh well, its hard to get some of these right...if it was all easy then everybody would do it, right??!! That's why there's only a few thousand of us doing it.
    Great job, Margaret and I can only hope that I can get these tangles as good as you do them.
    from Duane.

  5. What a fun way to do this with your visitors! Great picture of you all too!

  6. love the 'tile'. Great selection of variations of Punzel.

  7. I laughed because your first Punzels are upside down - but that's the right way up for Aussies, isn't it?? (Sorry!) Love the progression from west to east - great idea and some lovely tangling. Axxx

  8. The shading and the shape give this a Romanancy look.

  9. Wonderful! I enjoyed all of the variations - love the version of well running through Northern Territory and South Australia!