Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Crux is a tangle from Henrike Bratz and it's our challenge this week from the Diva. I'm helping with décor and registration and billeting for a youth conference this weekend and wasn't sure I'd even have time to do this challenge. I'm glad I did because I actually like this tangle more than I thought I would!

I did a tan tile using Crux three times. Shading, of course, lifts the rounded crux shapes off the squared crux shapes, but I found that if I filled in the 'kite' shapes, that helped too. I did this string with a very loosely-held pencil, thus all the wobbles.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Coaster, Crux, Prestwood, Tipple
That tile gave me an idea for something else to try with Crux, but I wanted to start larger, so I did a black and white tile. Crux is one of those lovely tangles where you see through one layer to another below. My idea was to increase that see-through aspect and you can see the result in the lower right. For some reason this also seems to increase the prominence of the larger circles in the pattern.
Tangles: Beadlines, Crux, Romanancy, stripes
Thanks Laura and Henrike. I think I'll be using Crux again!
Now, off to a Registration meeting!


  1. I love them both! Really nice showing multiple versions at once!

  2. Wow--I really love the open variation in the lower tile! I haven't tangled in a good while but had to play with Crux and ended up with a completely different pattern...gotta love zentangle! :)

  3. Love them both, but especially the simplified, stylized Crux in the second.

  4. I have to say....'WOW' - in capitals, Margaret. Both of them are stunning but love that effect in the second one where Crux takes on a new shape. So clever, so well done. Axxx