Sunday, July 27, 2014

Twinchie gems

If you're unfamiliar with "twinchies" they're artwork on paper that's a mere two inches square. There are also "inchies" (I think the original thing) which are, yes, one inch square.

I have probably worked this small, but I can't remember when. One person commented about the size of these: "They're so stinking cute!" Well, yes indeed they are. And it's fun to work so very small. But honestly, I have a hard time taking them seriously! Maybe that's a good thing. Here are two I did on Tiepolo, the paper Zentangle tiles are made from.
A little while ago I received a sample of some twinchies of lovely smooth watercolor paper, beautifully hand-colored by Sue Jacobs, a CZT in Illinois USA. I was on a roll so I tangled them too. I used blue ink on the square one and fuchsia (deep pink) ink on the yellow/orange one.
Sue sells her hand-colored paper. It's available in zentangle tile size (3.5" square), 'zendala' size (almost 4.5" diameter), and ATC size (3.5"x2.5"). If you'd like to see some samples and perhaps buy some and try it, go HERE. Aren't they inspiring?! She might start making twinchies too, if there's enough demand.

Yep, they're pretty darned cute.
Zentangle(R) is about to come out with some twinchie jewels of its own. 
Keep your eyes peeled!
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  1. Margaret - these are beautiful. And I love the color that you got with the fuchsia pen on the yellow/orange zendala! I haven't tried that combo before - but I will now!

  2. These are beautiful Margaret and I am finding I really love the size. They are pretty darn cute!