Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Des petits bijoux

There's a new little gem in the Zentangle world: BIJOU!

How the heck to you pronounce that?
Bijou is French for jewel or gem. If there's more than one you add an 'x' - bijoux - but it's still pronounced the same way. Go to this link.
 With the appearance of the new Bijou tiles, the Diva's challenge this week is to do a Bijou (or twinchie) size tile. These are so cute and small it's easy to get into a flow and do more than one!
top left: Black Pearlz, Prestwood variation, Tipple, Wud variation
top right: a new tangle Ing, plus Tipple and hints of Tripoli
bottom: Romanancy, with some patterns in the stripes
I also wanted to try a technique I read about recently. You can use a Sakura Glaze pen (probably Clear, but it could be a color to match your paper) as a resist and tangle with that. Let it dry well, then add color with a wash. The Glaze ink repels the water and the color goes only on the paper, sort of like batik. I used a new tangle, Meringue, and a wash of yellow and deep pink. I added a bit of color pencil afterwards as the yellow was very pale.

Bijou tiles come is a lovely little tin from Zentangle, or perhaps a CZT you know has some for sale. You could also use some nice art paper and cut your own 2"x2" squares.
Aaannnddd.... ES-CAR-GO! 
But take it slooowww.


  1. uh, the first bijou is so sweet, it makes me smile.bijou is really like a baby who makes the zentangle-family happy.

  2. Wonderful little Bijoux you have created madame. The gel pen with color eez great. These are just yummy leetle morsals (french accent, no?)

  3. Beautiful set of tiles Margaret! Your little Bijou in the sun is so cute! I love your three others! They are so rich looking. Thanks for the reminder on the glaze pen technique. I did a small sample once but sort of forgot about it afterward. I'll have to try that out again.

  4. All of your little samples of 'Bijou' are simply fabulous! Lovely!! :0)Share humanity

  5. Your bijou tiles are great. I admire anyone who does Romanancy. That gives me fits. Yours looks great. I like the resist with the glaze pens.

  6. These are gorgeous. I especially like the last one with the colors - will have to try that technique! Great idea. Love your use of Ing, am still struggling to get that pattern down!

  7. I love your Bijoux! And I really like the resist technique you're using, I might try that.

  8. All are gorgeous! Especially I like the first one!

  9. some lovely tiles. what an interesting resist technique. I like the results a lotl

  10. I love your little Bijou tiles - especially the bottom one, I feel like I could touch those rolls and want to try that tangle! Your Glaze resist tile is great too - I did a couple of those and found brighter colours stand out more, but the subtle ones have their charm too! The Glaze pen gets used up rather quickly though - so doing them on smaller tiles is perfect!

  11. I really like how you worked the tangles all the way to the edges with the Bijou tiles. It accents the size nicely. Thanks for the idea of the pens and color. I will try that technique.