Thursday, October 2, 2014

A little shut eye

I really appreciate blind strings and use them a lot. I tend to be very controlled so I like something that will give me a surprise to work with. Thanks to the Diva, that's the challenge this week. I often don't do the dots and border - generally these days, but especially with a blind string - so this time I did. It's fun to have things run outside the official picture area.
Tangles: Beadlines, Bunzo, Tipple, Windfarm, Zewm
Windfarm is one of my tangles, a wild variation of Hollibaugh. You can see the drawing instructions here.

Tangles: Palrevo, Sqaro, and stripes with highlights
Squaro is a new tangle from one of my students. You can find the drawing instructions in this blog post.

I'm not as pleased with the next one. It seems too busy. But I wanted to try Meer going around a corner, and I haven't used Spinners or Marasu for quite some time.
Tangles: Beadlines, Black Pearlz, Crescent Moon,
Marasu, Meer, Spinners, Tipple


  1. Wonderful Trio of Blind String Challenge Tiles. Stunning designs using Patterns skillfully employed. Thanks for the WindFarm, and Squaro Step Outs. Love this Post.

  2. I heartily concur with the previous speaker! I'm always impressed by what you do, Margaret and you seem to think it's nothing special. It is, it is. I go all gooey just looking at the shadow under the Beadlines. Super. Smashing. Great.

  3. Great line works in all of them!

  4. I agree with all comments before me. What else can I add?

  5. I like all the tiles you did. I like the optical illusions created in the second tile and the way you connected the two Meer sections with Beadlines. I also like the shadow you created for Beadlines.

  6. Fun to see what you do. Love the first one with the Windfarm in it! A great set of tiles.

  7. A great set of tiles, indeed! I love them all!