Friday, March 27, 2015

Spiral strings

A spiral string. Now that IS a challenge! There is basically only one section so how do you know when to change tangles? How to make it interesting? How do you keep the spiral showing?

I started my first tile with zigzag tangles in mind. I like to do a few of them, changing from one to another, and that works well in a spiral.
Tangles: Diva Dance, Golven, Knase, Paisley Boa,
Pearlz, Prestwood, Zedbra
At a recent class one of the students discovered Assunta. I hadn't done that tangle in a while so I thought I'd try it in a spiral. Once I realized that I should leave the spiralling droplet shapes white, it seemed to come together.
Tangles: Assunta, Black Pearlz

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