Thursday, April 2, 2015


Zentangle has just posted step-outs to the tangle Flux, complete with two iterations, Maria's and Rick's. Flux is the Diva's challenge this week.

I've liked Flux since I learned it at the CZT seminar I attended in May 2010. At that time Flux was Maria's version. It was joked that Rick had difficulty doing the little indent before continuing with the shape. Maria jokingly called his attempts "Tongues" in reference to a Rolling Stones album. Another student at that seminar remarked, "It looks like purslane." and I've thought of Rick's tongues version as Purslane since that time.

Here's Maria's Flux with some of the additions I like to include, especially if the round ends are large: a spiral end, little droplet 'stems', and a zigzaggy thing. There's also Rick's version (Purslane).
Tangles: various Fluxes, Black Pearlz, Tipple
 And another, with both iterations, and Phuds, a tangle that uses similar shapes.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Flux (both M & R), Phuds


  1. Maria's version reminds me of Mooka that needs to go on a diet :-) Lovely tiles as always. Thanks, Margaret

  2. Beautiful tiles, I myself prefer Rick's version, but when I look at your tiles with Maria's version of Flux, I think I have to give Mara's version another try, because they look great and differ by filling them with spirals or stems. The second tile is stunning and my favorite! I think because of the white spaces, to create this awesome layout, by using such a simple string.

    1. I've never thought of Rick's version as Flux, but I'll have to shift that thinking now! Yes, I find when I do Maria's version rather large it tends to look a bit empty.

  3. Both tiles are beautiful, as always!

  4. Suddenly, I really like Maria's version....I've always known Rick's version better as it's a shape I have used before I learned Zentangle - do like the spiral end..and love both these tiles. Axxx

  5. Beautiful as always :) And thank you for your kind comment on my blog, Margaret :)