Tuesday, November 3, 2015

'Nine patch' twinchies

Cheryl Stocks, on her blog "Two by Two by Tuesday" (a twinchie challenge) recently had a prompt of "nine patch".

I understood that to mean: divide the 2"x2" paper into nine parts and fill the parts. I also decided to let this be an opportunity to use some of the lovely papers and bits of old artwork I've been collecting. Then, because these are such tiny things, I decided to do a nine patch of 'nine patches'.

Each of the above colored square is an individual 2"x2" artwork.
These are not zentangle, but there are patches of zentangle on each one. In addition to the fancy papers and bits of artwork, I also used metallic pens, brads, stickers, holographic ribbon, old photos and other fun things.

I don't collect twinchies, but some people do. If you're one of them, I'm giving these away!

Enter the raffle below. One entry per person gives everyone a fair chance. The raffle will be active for a week, until noon on November 10.
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Good luck!


  1. I think these are so beautiful, Margaret! I hope you don't mind if I enter your raffle! Have a brilliant day! Cheryl

  2. What fun - I had to blow up the picture and examine all the details!

  3. They look so good together! Cute idea that I think my Zentangle club will like. Thanks for sharing!

  4. love these, they are so pretty! Thnks for the raffle, hope it is ok for me to post this on facebook