Monday, March 28, 2016

Paisley salvage

I had done a few tiles with paisley designs thinking that I would arrange four of them into one work. Should I add color? Sparkle? How to arrange them? They sat on my desk for months. And months. I decided they'd had their chance and it was time to reincarnate them as ATCs.

I sliced the edges off the four cards leaving me four 2.5"x3.5" ATCs. Then I added color to them all.

I was left with the four trimmed edges and decided to use them for more ATCs. I glued them to the sides of four black ATC cards. Then I had lots of fun adding other elements: patterned washi tape, holographic ribbon, a red gem star, black gem curlicues, white ink, metallic ink, little pearls, glittery white embellishment tape, and the hummingbird from a chocolate wrapper.

I have a hard time throwing out artwork that's just not satisfactory. Often, when I'm not happy with a final piece of work, I turn it into bookmarks or ATCs.
Some of these may find themselves in a swap at We Love to Tangle this June, in Calgary.


  1. Beautiful!!!! What tool did you use (if anything beyond scissors)for rounding the corners?

  2. These are brilliant Margaret. I love looking at and admiring your work. I too have a hard time discarding work gone wonky!

  3. These are great Margaret, a good decision

  4. These are beautiful - I love your Paisleys and you turned them into amazing ATC's. Wow.

  5. Beautiful transformation, Margaret! Always love your paisleys, but this is fantastic stuff. And the hummingbird is genius. I don't throw anything out, either, because you just never know what might work, right? Have a brilliant day! Cheryl