Monday, July 18, 2016

Travelling Tangles, sent and finished

Earlier I posted some tiles I'd received through the Traveling Tangles Project on Facebook. They'd been started by others and finished by me. Here are some tiles that went the other way: started by me and completed by others.

I sent Diane Claus a classic black on white tile and she gave it some wonderful additions.

Sabrina Kirjavainen in Finland received a Renaissance (tan) tile from me and finished it echoing my Paradox and adding more wonderfulness.

I sent an ATC with a strip of holographic paper through the middle to Sandy Kelly-Jones. She continued the black-and-white theme on the other half.

I sent a colored ATC to Debra Huff and she completed it with two of my tangles (!), Skye and Copada.

I sent similar tiles to four people for a "Summer" theme swap.
Kim Aarts-Bruin in the Netherlands added to it, minimally and beautifully, with some Ruutz and little flourishes.

Prairie Kittin in the US borrowed a purple pen from a friend to complete this tile! So nicely done.


  1. Each of these are so beautiful!

  2. Wonderful examples of travelling art here.

  3. Oh what FUN, Margaret!! I really love the idea of traveling tangles. These collaborative tiles are absolutely delightful! Perhaps I'll start this with my Zentangle Club (about a dozen of my students with whom I gather twice monthly for tangling and the sharing of food & hugs :) ) Your posts are ALWAYS an inspiration to me, no matter what the subject. I so appreciate your taking the time to share. My best to you ...

    1. Thanks so much, Jan!
      I've been at a couple of small groups (3 or 4 people) and it's a nice memento of the occasion to do tiles where each one contributes and each person keeps one. It could work very well with your group too. Lots of possibilities!

  4. Ahhh~ Such beautiful work! I especially love the first black and white tile and the Rennaisance tile.

    Travelling Tangles quickly gets addictive, doesn't it? :D

  5. Oh, these are beautiful. Seeing them all together is a real treat. I've only done two swaps so far but love the process. I hope our Travelling Tangle paths cross one day.