Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Progress, in black and white

I thought some of you might be interested to see how some ZIA tiles progressed as I worked on them.

I had started four tiles with gray washes. I had a vague idea of 'tree' or 'houses' but I try not to be too specific with shapes at this point. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of just the washes. Here are the four tiles with some initial tangling on them.
At this point I'm thinking:
  • Tree: I like the tree trunk but what to do in the sky?
  • 3 onion domes: It looks like a big window in the left-hand tower, but that's not appropriate, is it?
  • 2 onion domes: I like the dark gray in the middle sky. The tree worked out alright. What's going to happen on the left?
  • Houses: I like the two windows on the right. What's that Paizel on the left?!?

Next stage, well-developed but lots to do still.
At this point I'm thinking:
  • Tree: Nice Paisley Boa fills! Still, what to do with the sky?
  • 3 onion domes: Interesting layers happening in the background - not quite what I expected. Why did I do those windows on the left-hand tower?
  • 2 onion domes: Nice moon. Nice bushes. Okay cloud.
  • Houses: Nice windows and door. It's become a rainy day. Still not sure what that Paizel is on the left.

Finally, finished.
The finishing and fine-tuning:
  • 'Jujube Tree' - I added red/orange jujube fruit. The sky needed to stay simple so I just added an orb and shading. I did a thicker outline around the tree.
  • I wanted a dark sky so I made it medium gray and tangled Morse over top.
  • "Moon Roofs" - The cloud ran into the top of the onion dome so I darkened it at that end. Added a few shadowy Sanibelle bushes behind what was already there. Fine-tuned the moon glow and whitened the moon.
  • "Rainy Day" - I grayed the clouds and darkened along the top to give an overcast feel. I put some white lines in the black of the Paizel/house on the left. I made the half-circle window above the door stained glass. I added thin, wiggly lines of rain in front of the houses in 005 black pen and added some tiny circles. I added similar wiggly lines in Sakura's Clear Stardust for some rainy sparkle, and used a clear Glaze pen on the windows. The angled photos below may show the sparkle better.
    Oh, the Paizel? I think it's a vine.
Attempting to show the sparkle of Stardust and Glaze pens.
At this point I'm thinking:
  • 'Jujube Tree' - I might do something more/else with the ground. I'll probably mount it on canvas and paint around it.
  • I probably will not mount this one. I find the background too busy, or perhaps it's the towers. Maybe I can do something about that later.
  • "Moon Roofs" - I will quite definitely mount this on canvas and paint around it. I love the light in it.
  • "Rainy Day" - I'll probably mount it on canvas and paint around it using a bit of glittery paint. :)


  1. Super gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the process....I am sorely tempted to have a go at using some of your ideas...if this is OK? Axxx

    1. Absolutely okay, Annie. Whatever you do with an idea will be different from what I did with it. When I share something, I'm happy if it inspires someone else. :)

  2. I love reading your commentary as the tiles build up. It's great to learn how they come together and very entertaining too!

  3. Thank you for this posting! Absolutely fascinating to not only see the progress, but to 'hear' your thoughts as well. Very informative and your work is beautiful.

    1. Thank you. I always find it interesting to learn what's going on in the artist's mind as they were creating!

  4. Dear Margaret I have been doing some tangles of late. Love seeing yours and how you bring it all together. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thanks Margaret! Love reading the process. It gives me hope for when I hit a "I don't know what to do with THAT!" spot on my tiles. 😉

    1. I suspect that happens more often than we know. The artists just don't tell us about it! ;)

  6. Great tiles and I like the variety. Like how the tree progressed and the touch of color. I really like the towers on the lower left. I think part of it is the night time. You always seem to come up with such interesting compositions. I did use your Christmas trees from the past as inspiration for an ornament that I am working on. Using Bijou tiles and frames from Michael's. Have not posted on my blog as not finished yet.