Friday, July 21, 2017

The Fairy Lane properties, Nos. 6-10

Oh suburbia, neat rows of square boxes and straight sidewalks, all beige and brown and grey.
Let's continue our delightful and pleasant stroll past the more interesting homes on Fairy Lane...

No. 6 Fairy Lane
Tangles: Beadlines, Finery, Flukes, Flux, and Auras

No. 7 Fairy Lane
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Opus, Paizel, Pearlz,
Printemps, Tipple and Auras

No. 8 Fairy Lane
Tangles: Antidots, Meer, Paizel, Pearlz, Printemps, Tipple and Auras

No. 9 Fairy Lane
Tangles: Aquafleur, Barnacle, Lanie, Paradox, Perfs
No. 10 Fairy Lane
Tangles: Blooming Butter, Crescent Moon, Finery (sort of),
Opus (sort of), Pearlz, Sanibelle, Tipple

You can see numbers 1-5 of the Fairy Lane properties here.


  1. Again another delightful collection of artistry and whimsy 💞

  2. Wow. These are awesome. Right out of a children's fairytale!

  3. I agree, your creations would make a beautiful children's book. They are imaginative and inviting - all of them.
    I love the cherry-like Pearlz atop No. 7, and am very partial to No. 9 where you used Lanie :)

  4. Margaret, I love that you use Zentangle, but that it doesn't 'take over' the tile. It works so well within the idea that you are conveying. How do conscious decisions play and interact with more zen-like pattern drawing in your work?

  5. My observation is that you use Zentangle as a wonderful part of your idea... it doesn't overpower, even though it's clearly there. How do you balance the decisions... what you're drawing, what tangles you choose, where to put them and where to not... with the mindful-pattern-drawing part? Kind of a left-brain and right-brain balance? Something very thought-out beforehand, or are you just going with the flow the whole time? PS. Sorry if this is a near-repeat comment. It looked like my first one didn't go through!

    1. Hi Mary. I have little, if anything, planned ahead when I begin drawing. I'll see something on the paper like a roof line or a leaf shape and start with that and go with the flow.

      I've always been very partial to patterns, detail and repeats so Zentangle was a complete jaw-drop when I first encountered it. I think it's just a drawing method that syncs excellently with my natural style.

      I choose tangles according to what I'm drawing and what I want in that space. Dark, light, or mid-tone? Rounded shapes or angular ones? A pattern on a wall or a pattern of leaves? And so on.

  6. I really like the simplicity of No 8. Some of them look like the fairies used candies to make their homes. :)

  7. OMGeeeeeeeeeeeeee Margaret!!! Your Fairy Lane Properties are SO full of whimsy, color and depth!!! Did I mention the color?? Absolutely fabulous. Truly. I LOVE these ... MUST try some! Thank you, as always, for the inspiration and for sharing your incredible art with us!

  8. I wished I had a collection of houses like these...OH! how I wished!!! I can hardly wait to see all your fairy tiles when the city is complete.