Thursday, May 31, 2018

Tangle-a-Day calendar: the merry month of May

I'm keeping up with my Tangle-a-Day calendar and seem to be becoming a little more adventurous! We had a snow storm in mid-April and I was getting quite fed up.

And on into the merry month of May!
I seem to have done quite a number of interesting pages this month.

Three ways to use six tangles: classic zentangle 'tile', colored landscape, and in stripes.

Morse, morphing into wholly Hollibaugh, morphing into Windfarm, in primary colors.

Skye, travelling across three days of random color washes.

Bursts of color.

Secondary colors. I had thought I might do gems, but they wanted to be holes.

I had already colored the days black, gray, and left one white, not knowing what I would do with it. CZT Sonya Yencer's new tangle Soul Star was a perfect fit.

Another fun page.


  1. So much lovely work! So many lovely tangles that I've never heard of before! Wow.

  2. Sorry can i just check if you know where I can find the step outs for soulstar?

    1. Try plugging ‘Soul Star tangle’ into your search engine. Maybe add ‘Sonya Yencer’ , the designer.

    2. So tangleicious! I haven't tangled for ages and I'm feeling somewhat inspired now!