Friday, July 13, 2018

Pinch me!

This summer seems to have directed me towards 'fun' art projects rather than 'work' art projects. Granted, the 'work' projects are also fun, but I seem to expect more of myself when I'm thinking "This could end up framed and on someone's wall."

Last fall I had purchased a Pinch Me Ball kit from Jenny Perruzzi's Acadia Laser Creations on Etsy. I decided it was time to try to make this thing. This is the kit with instructions and supplies. The paper colors I got are one of my favorite combinations!

Here are the three strips with tangling and shading completed. I used some Glaze and Stardust and metallic inks and they don't show up very well, especially on the purple paper.
Generally I found it a fairly simple process to construct the ball, except for folding the last arcs on the last ring. That took a bit of fine-fingered finagling.

Here are six views of the finished piece. Pretty cool! I forgot to add a hanging string, but I think I can do that later if I want to. Hmmm... I might make more.

If you'd like to order one of these kits for yourself, go here.


  1. Again a very nice surprise, they look lovely Margaret, thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful Margaret. Looks like such fun to do. Have a great weekend.